Pajama Jam helps the homeless

Story and Photo by Irene brizuela / @dear_ireene

MUSICAL CHAIRS: Lee Brey, KLBC Radio Club president, gets students together for the Pajama Jam on Wednesday, Nov.15, at the LAC’s Fishbowl.

KLBC Radio Station and KLBC Radio Club hosted a Pajama Jam fundraiser for homeless students on campus, on Wednesday, Nov. 15, in the LAC Fishbowl.

Organizers sold tickets for an opportunity drawing for gift baskets made by the radio students. A blues band, Mighty Mojo, donated a basket with signed vinyls and CD’s, as well as a hat and a T-shirt of the band. Another student, who sells Avon, donated candles, bases and decorations.

Erika Navarro, 25, a communications major and KLBC member, said, “I feel the Pajama Jam is a fun experience and the people are into it. Besides, it’s for a great cause and they can use the help.”

Lee Brey, KLBC Radio Club president, said, “This is the third time this fundraiser takes place. There is a high number of homeless students on campus and people don’t do anything for them. With what we raise we are going to donate to the organizations helping out homeless students.”

Athena Wiseman, 52, a film and radio major and KLBC Club member, said, “I’m glad we’re doing a fundraiser for the homeless to give back. Anything God blesses you with, you should give back no matter how small it is. You have to help people along the way.”

Ken Borgers, KLBC and KCTY adviser and radio program teacher said, “Homeless students blend in with other students. They shower in the gym or clean up in the restrooms. If the students aren’t homeless, they are either living in their cars or living on a friend’s couch.”

Guest DJ, Travon “DJ Spinn” Young, 26, DJ producer for Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, said, “I came to help support my friend (Lee Brey). I think what they’re doing here is for a good cause. It’s my second time coming to this event and I enjoy coming to LBCC to entertain the students.”