Club encourages campus leadership since 1945

by Leslie Alamillo



Teens N Twenties(TNT)Club

The Teens n’ Twenties club was established the year 1945 at LBCC and seventy-three years later, the group plans on to continue growing, not just lifetime friendships, but bringing in students to help enhance their leadership, confidence, time management skills and serving others.

Club TNT is a women’s social service club that strive to serve their community and LBCC campuses.

TNT President, Lilly Ibarra, 19, english major, shares her importance on the role of being President: “I have been a member of Teens n’ Twenties for two years now and currently hold the club’s position as President. TNT has helped me in a number of unimaginable ways. To begin with, it has strengthened my leadership traits. My role as President requires me to promote our club and the activities throughout LBCC in front of multiple people. This leadership has allowed me to break out of my introverted barriers I had my whole life. Secondly, TNT has helped me improve time management. Being apart of the club I learned how to balance work, school and lead the club.”

TNT’s big brother, Degni Luna, 20, communications major, illustrates her time spent with the club for the past two years and how it positively impacted her life: “Choosing to be apart of TNT has without a doubt changed my life in a beautiful way. I’ve gained leadership, a family, and confidence. I joined TNT in the Fall of 2016 and it has been a great two years with my lovely sisters and big brothers. With being in the club I’ve held 3 positions: Spring 2017 I held intramural rep, where I would inform the club members on the intramurals, Fall 2017 I held position of Secretary, an executive board position that allowed me to network with people to find volunteer events and this semester I am big brother rep. I am in charge of bringing in the new big brothers and guide them throughout the process of joining. Also I let everyone know any TNT information. In a nutshell, I can go on how these positions have shaped me, but I really couldn’t of done it without my sisters support.”

Kelsey Freeman, 22, nursing major, reveals how joining TNT has made her feel apart of something great, as she states, “Now, I feel like I truly belong somewhere by being apart of TNT and from the bonds between everyone here. This benefits the club because with the bons being so strong, we accomplish things we could of never done on our own. This is my second semester with TNT and I joined to seek friendship, but I gained much more than that.”