Fieldtrips know no age

Lashica Johnson

LBCC’s Lifelong Learning Center shows that field trips can be entertaining at any

Located at QQ-122 on the PCC campus, the Lifelong Learning Center offers
a variety of field trips as well as classes, day tours and more.

The LLC is a place where older adults and seniors can come together and
continue to stimulate their minds and participate in activities as well as get a
hands on lesson on how to maneuver different gadgets such as ROKU’s Apple
TV, Amazon Fire sticks, etc.

Theresa Brunella, director of the LLC, said, “It’s so important as we get older to stay active and social, physically and mentally.” Interns from the Human Services department guide the seniors and assist them with any questions they may have.
“We go to different venues in So-Cal,” said Brunella.

The LLC has been around for quite some time but Brunella works hard to search for new and exciting things in the city. “It is a challenge to find new places to go” said Brunella although there are plenty of eventful field trips coming up this semester.

Mar. 8 the center will be taking the students to an original California adobe located in Pomona. Just recently the LLC took a trip to Alhambra to enjoy a nice day and saw a world
famous Elvis Presley impersonator show. A day trip involves going to the
destination and engaging in activities, resting, eating lunch and proceeding with
the day as planned.

When asked what her favorite part of working in the LLC was, Cindy Mackay, explained working with the people was just that. During this time, interns were assisting adults with their smart phones as well as some adults were seen decorating the room for St. Patrick’s Day. Karol Shettlesworth of the LLC when asked about her favorite
part of working in the center said it was the seniors.

The LLC room has been in building QQ at PCC since August 2017 and has since
been updated with new technology such as 6 brand new computers and top of
the line equipment to aid better results. During breaks at the there is always
cookies and coffee available.

The teachers and interns at the LCC encourage all who are interested to come in
no matter what the age. Although it is typically an older crowd, LBCC students
are welcome to join. This is a safe space where all are welcome but the main
priority is to ensure that older adults are able to stay active, be social and engage
in social activities, get moving and maintain a healthy, mental state!

Any questions or concerns contact Cindy Mackay at (562) 938-3048 or Theresa
Brunella at (562) 938-3047.