PCC and LAC host Join-A-Club day

By Alberto Nunez

LBCC held Join-A-Club Day on February 15 at LAC in the E-Quad and at PCC on the lawn on February 21 between 10-2pm.

Students are encouraged to attend and discover new clubs and organizations at LBCC and meet student leaders as over 60 clubs will be represented and will offer free food, giveaways and music throughout the day.

The clubs represented range from all different aspects of student life on campus by

Photo By Alberto Nunez

featuring different cultural clubs and organizations.

Stephanie Kozac, 19, a business major said, “This is my first semester here at LBCC, I would love to get involved with the college by joining some clubs. Kozac also shared that during high school she never really participated in any clubs or sports but thought this might be a good way to meet students with the same interests.

Students can connect with the cultural affairs committee that plans and organizes cultural events and focuses on engaging students with all cultural experiences.

Jesus Karam, 23, undeclared, said “I’ve never heard too much about the clubs here but I usually go to the Quad for the free food.”

Larry Martinez, 22, a political science major said, “I’ve tried to join clubs in the past, but now I feel as if I have no time for them as I have work and other things that I’ve already committed to.”

Students can also check out all clubs and organizations at LBCC by creating an orgsync account at orgsync.com, which lists all student life activities at LBCC and what days and time clubs meet. Students can then access and view any future activities that a particular club may be hosting. 

Students are not required to RSVP to the events but are always encouraged to bring friends and sign up for clubs they may be interested in.