Academic Affairs to adapt fast changes at LBCC

Story by Cara Pedersen

The Academic Affairs Office is working hard to adapt to the fast changes here at LBCC

With the growing number in enrolled students comes different passions and goals and requirements. One of the ways is by devoting three Flex Days in the school year to work with teachers, provide workshops and promote professionalism throughout the school.

The Academic Office also focuses on the needs of the students. Dylan Keith, 18, a Journalism Major mentions, “ I didn’t have much trouble getting into classes last semester, but this semester I got a late registration appointment. One of my math classes was completely filled and I had to crash an English course. Thankfully, I was able to figure it out.”

Kathleen Scott,Vice president of Academic Affairs, said, “ First priority is to help students get the classes they need. We know that the students have different educational goals and the programs here need to reflect that.” Many students at LBCC are 2-year students with a goal in transferring to a 4- year university. With the active requirement changes, the offices work to provide the best programs that will ensure an easy transfer at the end of the academic goal most students hold. Resources on campus, such as the transfer center, can be beneficial to students interested in applying to other colleges and having help along the way.  The Scholarship center helps with financial needs.

The Academic Affair Offices also are reviewing and preparing for this year’s Summer session. Making sure to have a flexible schedule that will work for the current and new students is a priority to Scott: “Summer sessions are a great way to knock out a requirement in the 6-8-week sessions.” Many students use this time to get an unfavored subject out of the way to finish off their general education.

Kiara, an English Major, states, “I like to rip it off like a band- aid”. “I really dislike science, so I used last summer session to get my science requirement out of the way. It was a pretty quick class.”