Cypress College Threat Concerns Campus Safety

Story and photo by Maila Bringas

Wary Eyes: Officer. C. Chi watches over the Central Quad in his police car Wednesday, Feb, 28, as students debate whether teachers should be armed.

Featured photo of LBCC’S LAC 

On the evening of March 4, Cypress College students have received a text message and an email stating that morning classes will be cancelled on March 5 due to a threat on the campus.

Director of Communications Marc Posner has sent an email to all employees and students as the police have received information about violence against the campus.

Cypress Police stated on Twitter that they have spoken with Whittier PD and it was determined there were no credible threat made towards the college and that the individual involved was detained for mental health evaluation.

In our campus, it is seen in LBCC that many campus police look over each location to ensure student safety.

Lt. Jeff Liberman of LBPD said that there has been a rise of calls of service after Florida’s Parkland shooting in schools, colleges, and university law enforcements and that people have become more aware and report suspicious behaviors.

In addition, Liberman also encourages students and staff to use protection resources for the campus.

“The Long Beach Police Department provides police services to the LBCC District, and we bring all the resources at our disposal to bear when we become aware of a potential threat.” He said. “Long Beach City College also brings additional resources, like mental health counseling and student discipline processes, that provide additional tools to detect, deter, and correct mental health and interpersonal conflict issues that can contribute to violent behavior. Both LBPD and LBCC take campus safety, and the welfare of students, faculty, and staff, seriously, as it is our number one priority.”

To report potentially violent and/or report suspicious activities, call 911 or contact (562) 938-4910 for the police and campus safety.