System wide shut down continues to frustrate students and staff

By Maila Bringas and Steven Matthews. Photo by M. Smith

Sign that reads “Our System is Down No Transactions at this Time” is displayed in the Financial aid building.
Sign that reads “Our System is Down No Transactions at this Time” is displayed in the Financial aid building.

It’s been two days that the system-wide internal shutdown is still being fixed. There has been worry and confusion with students and faculties, the frustration just keep adding up.

A short noticed has been made by the school website of the issue, stating that it Instructional and IT services are currently working to fix the problems as soon as possible.

It was assumed that the system has been down since Monday April 9 as students tried to visit online classes or log in to student accounts and faculty attempted to use phone lines.

As of Wednesday April 11, IITS was able to work phone system, Moodle, and Canvas.

Wendi Lopez from the Distance Learning Center said that they would have to run their recent back up from Saturday April 8.

Student Activities Director Derek Oriee has been attempting to look over his files but unable to do so because his files are encrypted and he would have to do start all over or at least come up with a plan to finish work.

“I have the grand prix plans going on in a couple of weeks and all my plans are there.” Said Oriee. “I can get to the server but I can’t open anything.”

Students have been frustrated with trying to contact teachers since emails are not working and classes that would’ve been going on Monday were not able to be attended online.

Student Gabriel Sheriff, 21, works for Assessment Office said he was worried and frustrated at the same time because of what the system shutdown had caused.

“There’s at least been 20+ students calling where their classes  are (for the late start classes) and asking what their test scores are. We can’t really say anything because we won’t know, it’s all there.” Said Sheriff. “It’s been the second day and so far, we haven’t really been told anything.”

Student Tech Help Desk Laura Rantala said that if students have questions or need assistance, they could contact them at (562) 938-4250.