Tech Info insufficient

When computers shut down, students overheat.
Since April 3rd, LBCC has been experiencing technical difficulties in its systems. We could not sign up for classes, access Financial Aid, professors can’t access their work or grades, causing them to cancel class and put a hold on work as well.
When students found out about the technical issues, the college was experiencing, questions arose since students were being left uninformed. Students were wondering if the system had been hacked, whether the college was the victim of a virus and was personal information accessed. Students also wondered was the problem related to ransom-ware, cryptocurrency or database encryption.
Neither the administrators nor technology staff members were able to give us details, with those employees saying they weren’t in a position to give us information.
Whether at work or at school, we rely on an expert to fix all our technical needs regardless of how big the problem. They usually make themselves open, claiming we can reach out to them for any questions. But in this case we got shut down.
Whatever the problem is, the main concern was our personal information. We gave the school all our information like birthdate, Social Security number, phone number and home addresses. We could’ve had our information stolen and be prone to identity theft.
Some professors claimed their grades were lost for a couple months back. This dilemma leads to problems for transfer and graduating students. We wonder if our transcripts will be sent to universities. Professors have been offering the option of having students re-submit their already graded work and add their grades to the records that were lost.
However, students who do not have their original work may have to redo their assignments. Will they be able to re-do their homework or quizzes and submit them for a new grade? Or does the teacher just let it slide, granting the student a free pass?
Students and teachers have put their USB drive in the computer system at school to access their work from home, but the school systems corrupted their work , causing the systems to delete every work they have accomplish over the semester from their own personal drive. Does that mean the malware system could be this serious and IT or the administration don’t want to say anything that could cause an uproar in the school and community? And if it is, how soon will the system will be completely fixed and safely secured before somebody steals our identity?
Financial Aid and the cashier’s office were shut down since they did not have access to school records so payments and disbursements were delayed.
Late-start and Summer classes were each given new dates for registration.
The technical issue is severely affecting everyone at LBCC.