ASB secretary to take on the role as President

Story by Alberto Nunez

Juan Paolo Canteras, Photo Courtesy of LBCC.


Current ASB secretary Juan Paolo Canteras won the ASB president seat for the school year of 2018-2019. 

Juan Paolo Canteras won ASB president with 293 votes, Amber F. Sollenberger won ASB secretary 307 votes, Nash Neyra won ASB treasurer with 313 votes, Donell Jones won student trustee with 208 votes, Tam Nguyen won PCC vice-president, and Jaren Leary won LAC vice president.

Donnell Jones, 29, a public policy and law major, newly elected student trustee said, “Winning the elections was just the first step of really getting in and trying to elicit change and represent our students the best I can.”

Jones said the election process was interesting. He said, “I had to go out there and make his name more known. People already recognized him from his previous works with clubs. I had to inform people about who I am, what he does, what he is about, and why he is running for the position.”

Donnell Jones. Photo Courtesy of LBCC

He said, “In the times that we are in right now, now is the best time for students to speak up because students have been speaking up all across America, specifically high school levels. There is so many things going on and there was a slot meeting this morning with the senior leadership, and they came up with his same goal about getting more students involved with different committees so they can their perspective on certain issues, instead of making a lot of guesswork. I want more student feedback because there is a lot of committees putting programs for student success. Iwill do my part to spread people’s input if they cannot make it.”

Jones added, “My end goal is to get our student body involved in what is going on with their leadership. If I can do anything then is to get more of us involved in making decisions that are going to affect us.” 

Jaren Leary, a psychology major, 22  said, “I am really excited for the new academic year and he would love to learn from his predecessor. I wanted to bring a new perspective for both campuses and to unite them, and to make both campuses better. Both the ASB programs are under LBCC and just because he is the LAC Vice-President does not make him just a representative for the LAC campus. I live closer to the PCC campus so he has perspective on both campuses. I just wants to bring a new perspective and innovation to LBCC in general. I wanted to include some of the sponsorship of the CSC committee. I know his title is only for LAC, but he wants to include the CSC in both campuses. I want more people in meeting because people see things that their leaders might not know about. I want LBCC to be a better place and said go Vikings and have a good day!”

Esmeralda Martinez, 19, an early childhood education major said, “I had heard about the ASB elections, but she said she did not vote. I heard about the ASB elections from the school emails and ASB election signs. I would not participate in the future.”

Martinez responded to Donell Jones objective about having more student participation and she said probably in the future.

Erick Cervantes, 18, an animations major said, “I did not know about the ASB elections. This was the first time hearing about the ASB elections. I would probably not keep up to date with future elections but i will get more involved in future with ASB elections.”

Cervantes responded about more student involvement and he said it depends and it could happen. “Students who want get more involved with politics would be interested with more future involvement.”