Expert on Mexican and Latin American art speaks on opening night of film festival

Story by Cara Pedersen

To begin the LBCC Foreign Film Festival, a Gay Greatness lecture was presented in T1200 at the LAC on Thursday, April 19.
The lecture was given by Gregorio Luke, an expert on Mexican and Latin American arts, first secretary of the embassy of Mexico in Washington D.C. and former director of the Museum of Latin American Art.
Luke’s mother, a choreographer, exposed Luke to gay culture at a young age by keeping him at her side during shows and backstage. There, he looked up to the designers and customers who were “like father’s to (him)”and “later became like teachers of the arts” to him.
However, Mexico had a very homophobic culture and terrible events of hate and the outburst of AIDs took a large toll on the gay culture.
With pictures and examples, Luke said, “There is no other group that has been more persecuted than this group.”
The lecture explained the philosophy of the gay culture, the history, the mythology of gay culture and even talked about the great artists who were and are gay such as Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, Emily Dickinson,and many more.
“The taste of the world…” Luke explained, “was made by the gays.”
Luke encouraged conversation and said, “Go out there, get people curious and get them excited. It’s you who starts the spark.”
The lecture ended with the song “ Love” by Elton John.
Alexander Lowe, 21, a communications major, said, “I originally just came to this event to receive extra credit for my social-science class, however, I really was interested in how many historical persons were gay. I’m actually named after Alexander the Great, so it was cool to see him in this lecture.”
The director of the Foreign Film Festival, Cynthia Quintero, explained how important it is to shine a light onto the gay community and start conversation. “I worry about how people may censor the event,” she explained, “People were taking down the fliers we had put up for the lecture and though I want to ask who is removing the fliers. It also just speaks even more to the need of this event.”
The spaces are filling up for each of the upcoming events and the organizers urge people to RSVP as soon as possible. The last event, “Chavela” on May 19 is at full capacity.
People may visit and RSVP at or contact Quintero at with questions.