ASB hosts week of welcome

Story and Photos by Dylan Keith

Students waiting in line for the free BBQ lunch provided from the week of welcome.


Students attending LBCC were greeted on their first week of class with a week long event called “Week of Welcome” hosted by ASB on both LAC and PCC.

Week of Welcome was put on by ASB for students to have a warmer and easier welcoming into the Fall 2018 school semester while also providing a social atmosphere. The week of events was held in the E Quad at LAC and the FCC Quad at PCC.

Booths providing a mass variety of tools, tips and guides for the college at the week of welcome.

Kicking off the first day of the week, on Monday from 9-10:30 a.m. at LAC there was coffee and donuts offered to students, services to help students find their classrooms and to meet their student leaders.

The same day there was another event going on at PCC where students were able to speak directly to the deans and enjoy provided food.

On Tuesday the ASB staff provided more coffee and donuts at PCC and students were able to meet the Deans at LAC.

A “Viking Pride Day” was also going on which allowed the fall athletics to come out and introduce themselves and their team to get students more involved with the sports.

The school’s staff also handed out popsicles to students. The staff extended from a variety of different departments from the Athletics Director, Randy Totorp, to The Dean of Language Arts and Communication, O. Lee Douglas.

“It’s all worth it if it makes someones day,” Totorp said.

The final day of the week long event was a a BBQ/ Resource fair at the LAC quad, where free hot dogs were provided while booths were set up with more information about the school.

Students such as Fern Pacheco, a 22-year-old communications major, along with other friends sat in the grass at the quad talking to one another and enjoying the music.

“I think it’s really nice that they’re doing something like this,” Pacheco said.

Students Fern Pacheco, Diana Aquino, and Karina Colorado got together to enjoy lunch and chat in the E quads field during the week of welcome.

Other students such as Alex Hernandez, a 19-year-old business major, got to enjoy a hot dog right before the BBQ was finished.

“I’m happy that they’re having something like this,” Hernandez said. “I only got to eat two Jack In The Box tacos today, so I appreciate this.”

Student and Business major, Alex Hernandez is enjoying his free lunch from the BBQ event that was part of the week of welcome.

While the Week Of Welcome is now over, ASB will soon host another event called JACD (Join a Club Day) on September 10 at LAC, and September 13 at PCC.