Long Beach antique market takes place at Veterans Stadium

Story by Alyssa Vega Photo by Dylan Keith

Vintage items being sold by a local vender at the Long Beach antique market.

The Long Beach antique market takes place every third Sunday of the month at the Long Beach Veterans Stadium.

According to the homepage of the Long Beach antique market, the flea market has about 800 sellers.

Each vendor has their own booth setup with unique antiques such as clothes, plants, cameras, furniture and home goods.

Rachel Vrbka and her booth were she sells different mediums of clothes, colors, and fabrics.

Rachel Vrbka started as a shopper at the Long Beach antique market, and now has her own booth selling men and women’s vintage clothes.

“I do a pop-up here and at the Rose Bowl,” Vrbka said. “ I like it here (long beach), everyone here is very friendly, laid back, chilling mode. I love it. There is more appreciative of vintage down here too.”

Jessica Gomez has been shopping at the flea market at Long Beach for about seven years and has her own booth.

Local shopper Jessica Gomez’s dog Noodles is taking a rest after staying at their booth and walking around the antique market.

On the days she does not have her booth set up, she brings her dog and shops around on Sundays.

“We’ve been shopping here for about seven years and we try to come every time its open,” Gomez said.

Hong Yao has had her booth at the antique market for about six to seven years. She sells air plants that do not require any soil to live. “Everyone sells antiques and a lot of customers also likes plants, so they buy plants while they look for antiques.”

General admission is $7.00 and children under the age of twelve is free of charge and parking is free at the LBCC parking structure.

Early admission allows shoppers to get first pick at 5:30 A.M. – 6:30 A.M. and prices are $12.00.

There will be a special sale next Sunday on Sept. 30 presenting hundreds of different sellers. Visit the longbeachantiquemarket.com for an admission discount coupon.