New viking logo featured through the athletic department

Story by Anna Karkalik

Updated viking logo to be used in the Athletic Department. Photo courtesy of

LBCC released an updated version of the Viking logo to be used for the Athletic Department while still featuring the signature viking in the school’s traditional colors of red, white and black.

The profile of the LBCC viking will appear on new athletic uniforms but will not replace the traditional logo in place.

Maria Morales a student at LBCC said, “The design is cool, it looks modern. I hope to see it around campus and not just on the field.”

In a press release posted on Thursday, Sept. 6, Superintendent – President Reagan Romali said, “The new athletic Viking logo builds on the original mascot that has been with us since 1927. The new Viking logo includes features that make it uniquely Long Beach City College.”

The new design was originally shown at LBCC College Day held on Friday, Aug. 24, and designed by the Public Affairs and Marketing team while working with the Athletic Department.

When shown the new design, Eric Martinez, an undeclared student said, “Sick. This logo is more appealing and feels more modern unlike the other one. It looks tougher and better with the designs used all over the logo.”

According the the press release, the viking mantle was inspired by a palm tree frond and ocean waves.

Since the release of the new logo Athletic Director Randy Totorp has declined to comment but said in the press release,  “We have a top-notch Athletic program here at LBCC, and we are so happy to have this amazing logo that we can feature on all of our athletic uniforms.”

Students and employees can expect to see the new logo sported by our student athletes at upcoming games.