Opinion: LBCC’s cafeteria needs to up their game

Story and photos by Sydney Fredericks-Selby

Long Beach City College students wait in line to purchase their items from inside the cafeteria.

Correction: Sept 25, 2018 1:46 p.m. A paragraph was omitted due to incorrect reporting.

As a full time student that spends a majority of their time at LAC throughout the week it has become difficult to feed my appetite especially since the cafeteria isn’t the first option that comes to mind.  

I’m in class from 9:00 a.m. till 2:00 p.m. giving me a four hour gap to find a meal for my appetite until my night class.

In the midst of the four hour gap, I will wander into the cafeteria to see if they will surprise me, however, the cafeteria is a place that I try to avoid.

As soon as I walk into the building I notice the dim lights, the trash on the floor, stains from dirt on the floor and on chairs or tables. I already don’t feel comfortable to eat in a place that looks unsanitized.   

The dimmed lights in the cafeteria makes me feel uncomfortable when eating my food. If the cafeteria was brighter, I would feel better about my eating experience.

The LAC cafeteria allows pizza from the morning to sit and wait for students to pick up.

Once I make the decision to go eat at the cafeteria I walk into the area of the variety selection of snacks, on the go meals and an opening of live cooks to make a selection of burgers, wraps, salads or burritos.

The variety of snacks is a nice option for myself since I am vegan as they have a selective range I can choose from. However, sometimes they do lack options because they will be sold out.  

The on-the-go meals are allegedly known to be fresh. I think otherwise. The on-the-go meals lack presentation.

The plastic wrap and styrofoam bottom makes the meal look cheap. I want to feel as if my money is being well spent on a meal that is sustainable for my appetite.

The live cooks that make different varieties of food is a nice touch to the cafeteria. It gives individuals a place to choose what’s best fit for their appetites.

The selection of lettuce and other vegetables doesn’t look fresh. It looks like it has been sitting reminding me of toy vegetables.

Toy vegetables are known to be stiff and have lack of color. It isn’t as vibrant as if you can go to a garden and pick it yourself.

If I’m being told the selection I’m choosing from is fresh, it should match to the ideal version of what is fresh.

Considering other colleges, they have a nice range of options for the students. Sometimes they offer food trucks on campus or food chains.

Depending on the college, other cafeterias look way cleaner compared to LBCC.

As a student that has been attending LBCC for about three years, I know that our school will be renovating our buildings which I can look forward to in the future. However, as a student right now maybe the school can manage the cafeteria a bit better.

I’m sure the majority of the students that attends the college like nice things. Students can enjoy a place where they can admire a job well done.

That’s why the majority of students like the PCC and the newer buildings at the LAC because they are clean, managed, and updated.

The school can enforce people to pick up their trash or wipe down their seats and tables with sanitizing wipes located in the cafeteria.

It would benefit the students health as well. The students won’t fear into catching germs and getting sick.

I know that the college likes students getting involved and helping around the school. The college can offer students volunteer opportunities in helping the cafeteria to upkeep the atmosphere.

Students can paint, scout affordable tables and chairs and making the environment a more pleasing place to enjoy.