LBCC faculty members presents art gallery ‘Complement’

Story and Photos by Angela Bremer

A few art pieces by Trevor Norris in the art gallery 'Complement'.

The new art exhibition, “Complement” is being held in the K building and is open until Oct. 25.

This art exhibition is completely constructed by adjunct faculty members. Adjunct faculty members are part time professors that work in multiple colleges. The show is organized under the direction of Trevor Norris.

“This art exhibition is for everyone, students on campus, local artist, and the public,” director Norris said.

The art show got its name when Norris was looking for a synonym for compliment and then found complement.

The art show is breaking the biennial year cycle of holding an art exhibition. Last year the ‘LBCC 2017 Annual Student Art Exhibition’ held many student art pieces.

“The art exhibition was great and I loved seeing all the pieces people had, it really inspired me,” art major Susan Gomez said.

There will also be performances from LBCC jazz band and poetry reading at the gallery.

“Students can not only see some of our staff’s pieces here but they can also see some at the Long Beach Museum of Art Exchange,” Norris said.

Students who are interested can find the artist’s work at another exhibition, ‘Practice & Pedagogy.’

This art exhibition is going on now until Oct. 28 at the Long Beach Museum of Art Exchange. One example is Adam Teradoka who has a piece in ‘Complement’, his piece consist of a combination of satire in industrial companies and art in a whole. His piece is a gray box of two cow’s ears being compared side by side.

“My products are sort of art work and sort of a commentary of art, that’s kind of like the idea of my work.” artist Adam Teradoka said. “My art piece is sort of like this paper towel holds this much and this paper holds this much and it’s way more absorbent.”

Any students interested can look up any additional information on hours or days at or on the Long Beach Museum of Art Exchange website.

LBCC students can visit the art exhibition during certain hours of the day which can be found on