Opinion: Campus safety

Story by Abel Reyes Photos by Sydney Fredericks-Selby

Police officer, Carl Johnson, stands in front of the police vehicle near the Veterans stadium.

Long Beach City College students should brief themselves on campus safety statistics to become more aware of campus crime. Both campuses have the resources to inform students, and that benefits the school and students as a whole.

According to the LBCC annual security report both the LAC and the PCC still have occurrences when it comes to robbery, vehicle thefts, and burglaries.

As more incidents occur that have to deal with on campus danger, security needs to be prepared with dealing with over 108 incidents that happened in the past four years. Safety awareness, such as reading the annual security reports can potentially lower those numbers because of how helpful it can be.

Just recently both the LAC and the PCC added a combined of 600 cameras. With 600 cameras now installed LBCC can ensure the crimes that happen on campus will be recorded and be available to police for investigation.

Additionally, according to Lubert Iglesia the Interim Manager for EHS & Parking Services, an approximately of $2.9 million are for the police services and the maintenance of existing safety resources.

A topic that is still a concern for many people is the possibility of gun violence on campus.

The 2014 police involved shooting that happened at PCC is an avid reminder that it can happen anywhere and at anytime, in the same vein if you see something, even if it’s not on or near a college campus, say something.

In addition to gun violence, according to the California Megan’s Law website there are at least 33 sex offenders in a 2 mile radius from the LAC campus and at least 64 sex offenders in a 2 mile radius from the PCC campus.

Additionally,  PCC is oddly located in a crime filled area with 213 crime reports in the past 6 months according to the CrimeReports website.

LBCC has emergency phones scattered on both campuses which you can find out where they are on either campus maps. Students, faculty, and staff can arrange to meet a safety escort to your car or class which you find on the LBCC website under resources.

Being aware of your surroundings is a step in the right direction, not having your earphones on when walking on campus especially at night is something that can apply to everyone on campus. A safety escort may make you feel more secure if you feel unsafe.