Opinion: Trump’s attack on transgender rights

Story and Editorial cartoon by Alyssa Vega

Editorial cartoon.

The Trump administration is considering to establish a more narrow definition of gender which can potentially remove the rights of Americans who have chosen to recognize themselves as a gender other than the one they were born into.

The department of health and human services are making an effort to establish a legal definition of gender by determining one’s sex through their genitalia at birth and will no longer be changeable unless they submit to genetic testing results.

While this atrocious effort to exclude civil rights from transgender people, the Long Beach community must take a step forward to action. As one of the most diverse cities in Southern Calif., LBCC needs to continue to support the LGBTQ group.

Recently, the college has added a name policy by offering students the option to be called by a preferred name. The preferred name policy has sent an important message by accepting student’s chosen identity and excluding one’s “dead name,” meaning a name one has used in the past.

While this progressive action seeks to provide a non-discriminatory environment on campus, there is more to be done.

LBCC faculty should be given a mandatory training on how to ensure a safe and non-discriminating environment for transgender students in their classroom.

Whether professors are or not aware of transgender individuals in the classroom, it is crucial to be respect students’ personal choices and be mindful of their safety.

With that in mind, never assume one’s pronoun. If you do not know what pronoun to use, you should ask politely.

More importantly, if you see someone who makes an anti-transgender remark or joke, speak out in support of transgender rights. This may encourage those around you to stand with equality for all human rights.  

In addition, there are peer support hotlines that offer support for people who are struggling with their gender identity. Volunteer at a hotline or donate to a nonprofit organization such as The National Center for Transgender Equality.

With the midterm elections approaching, it is important to vote but do not stop there. In order to have your voice heard, call your representative for your area to make a change. To find your representative in your area, visit house.gov/representaives.

The Trump administration constantly attacks “political correct culture” as policing what he can and cannot say. There is no official legislation for respecting transgender rights whatever, but now there is the potential of an official conservative definition that will force people to identify as a gender they are not.