Students notice the importance of Voter Registration Day

Story by Sydney Fredericks-Selby and photos by Alyssa Vega

Viking volunteer Andrea Cocjin and executive assistant from the mayor’s office Isaac Romero were seeking students to register for the midterm elections on National Voter Registration Day.

LBCC offered two stations for students to register for the midterm elections as a part of National Voter Registration Day at both campuses on Tuesday.

Voter Registration Day allows eligible citizens help get registered to vote.

The city clerk’s office teamed up with the Long Beach Unified School District within the Long Beach High schools. The mayor Robert Garcia, included higher education institutions as well.

The station to vote for registration at LAC was in front of the E Building and in front of the student union at PCC.

Viking volunteer Andrea Cocjin was helping a student register for the midterm elections on National Voter Registration Day.

Field deputies from the mayor’s office and volunteers from LBCC were coordinating the event.

Executive assistant and scheduler from the mayor’s office Isaac Romero explained why it is important to vote for the midterm elections.

“There is a big push to try and go get as many people to vote to cause awareness,” Romero said. “Right now is the time come and get registered to vote.”

The midterm elections determines who will control the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate as well as having a Governor’s race.

The midterm election propositions are focused on bonds, taxes, healthcare, housing, labor and animals.

“We did run into a lot of people that were not registered that were looking to get registered. Mostly everybody was registered,” Romero said.

LBCC student Carlos Correa, registered as a voter at LAC and will be participating on voting on Nov. 6  because she believes there should be a change in office.

“I think there should be equal pay,” Correa said. “I know that women work just as hard as we do.”

Viking volunteer Andrea Cocjin, registered as a volunteer because she believed that it is important.

“For me, I like getting involved,” Cocjin said. “It’s important to be an advocate for what you believe in and that is important to register and reach out to students and the community.”

A copy of the registration for students to fill out for the midterm elections on National Voter Registration Day.

The mayor’s office set a goal for 25 registrations at the LAC, by the end of the day, there was a total of 20 registrations.