The percussion ensemble class is tailored for old and new musicians

Story and Photo by Skyler Smith

LBCC students L-R Eduardo Quirarte, Noemi Gonzalez and Ana Gonzalez perform on percussion. Student musicians refine their skills with the percussion ensemble.

Student musicians gathered at the G building at LAC on Sept. 28, to rehearse for their percussion ensemble class.

The rehearsal lasted three hours and included several students performing various musical movements, all on percussion instruments.

Professor Gary Heaton-Smith led the ensemble by using a Doumbek to help the students keep the rhythm.

“The class is for beginners and new musicians,” said professor Hewton-Smith. “We tailor our class to each student’s skill level.”

Throughout the rehearsal, the professor would guide the students with quick instructions as the performance went on.

Despite being more of an elective, the class allows fellow student musicians to hone their skills and bond with one another.

Student musician Khalil Kweli, who usually plays solo instruments like the drums or piano, explained that it “helps balance my sound and work with others.”

Despite fatigue setting in late in the rehearsal, the student musicians pulled through with their performance.

With every rehearsal being three hours, the students are given the time to be ready for the final.

“This is like a percussion class with a recital at the end,” said student Kirk Wilson.

According to professor Heaton-Smith, the final will take place on November 30 in the classroom. The final will feature three musical pieces of varying difficulty.

Second-year professor at LBCC has high praises from his students. “He’s very chill and understanding,” student Khalil Kweli said.

The sense of unity was proudly on display, with students using percussion instruments like the marimba, vibraphone, glockenspiel, mark tree, and even a suspended cymbal.