LBCC hosts early voting the weekend before the midterms

Story and photos by Sydney Fredericks-Selby

Long Beach City College and the Los Angeles County Clerk allowed registered voters to visit a voting location to vote on the weekends of Oct. 27-28 and Nov. 3-4, before the midterm elections on November 6th.

The voting location was open from  8:00 am to 4:00 pm in room T1300 of the T building at LAC.

People that were coordinating the event were busy and scattered around helping everyone. They wanted to make the progress for the registered voters simple and easy.

Registered voters wait in line at the early voting at Long Beach City College.

The registered voters waited outside for an extended period of time to vote. Registered voters were also allowed to drop off their early voting  or mail in ballot without waiting in line.

LBCC student, Kai Bloomfield, believes registered voters should do their part and vote. He wants too, to focus on the propositions on the voting ballot.

“These are things that are happening in the inner city that aren’t really related to congress and the president. It is more for the people. Basically, if you vote on this you can make change happen in your city because rent is super high at this point and it is hard for people to make a living,” said Bloomfield.

People working at the event for early voting.

Voters  cast their ballot and then leave with the usual  sticker exclaiming, “I voted.”

Long Beach resident Ashleigh Wynn, who has voted in every single election since she has turned 18, doesn’t like the direction the country is headed in.

“I wish people would have voted more specifically back in the presidential election so we wouldn’t be in this situation we are in now. I feel like if we had the turn out now back then, a lot of the issues we are facing as a country, we would not be facing,” said Wynn.

LBCC graduate, Arielle Hughes, wanted to stress the importance of voting, especially as a Black-American registered voter.

Registered voters voting inside the voting booth at the early voting.

Hughes mentioned being a Black-American and being able to vote in this country is a big deal because at one point of history, Black-Americans were not allowed to.

“They want to silence us. They want us to not care and get too involved with exciting words of revolution and other ideal of government. Voting is important and I think people this time around realize it more,” said Hughes.

The last day for early voting is Sunday, Nov. 4.