Preview: Gun rights activist set to discuss why gun control fails in America

Story by Anna Karkalik

Guest speaker Michael Swartz, the San Diego County Gun Owners President, will be discussing why gun control fails in America and the policies advocated for may not always work in certain situations on Tuesday.

Swartz will specifically discuss how gun control has not prevented crimes or mass shootings.

“He offers a more conservative viewpoint on gun control and how we can best handle the situation of gun control violence,”  the President of Turning Point USA LBCC Chapter Daniel McCullough said.

McCullough encourages students to attend to hear a different perspective than their own and participate in an open discussion on gun control.

“We brought him (on campus) because his organization was going campus to campus, and because of the timing of the recent shootings his subject and opinions are relevant,” McCullough said.

The event, put together by the LBCC turning point chapter, will be held between 6:30 p.m. and 8 p.m. in room T-2377.