Student club holds taco sale to raise funds

Story by Iman Palm Photos by Arlene Guerrero

Student in line to buying tacos and help The Order of Thor Club at the taco sale held on November 6th 2018.

The smell of asada and chicken tacos lingered over the E quad at LAC, prompting students to take part in the Order of Thor’s fundraiser on Nov. 6.

LBCC student Miguel Hernandez was intrigued by the smell of tacos in the quad.

“I just came out of class and I smelled the tacos. I was hungry and I just came by,” Hernandez said.

Student Miguel Hernandez helping out The Order of Thor Club by buying tacos at the sale held on Nov. 6th 2018.

The Order of Thor held the fundraiser to raise club funds, mainly to help fund items the club needs, and will also be used for club outings and possibly club apparel.

The club hoped to reach out to the community with the theme “Let’s Taco Bout the Midterms,”  which focused on the 2018 midterm election and the recent school exams.

Even though the Order of Thor is predominantly a male club, women are still recruited and able to join.

Sweetheart representative Isai Solic, who is in charge of recruiting potential women candidates,  hopes the fundraiser will allow members to do more activities with the fall candidates.

“We are focusing more on bringing money so we can  do more bonding events with the candidates that we just had,” Solic said.

The Order of Thor candidates are recently recruited members who are trying to join the club officially.

“This (taco fundraiser) is one of our first actual big fundraiser that we are having at LBCC. We have had other fundraisers outside of LBCC, but this is one of our main ones,” Solic said

Club member Diego Duarte preparing the meat for the The Order of Thor taco sale on Nov 6th 2018 at the LAC campus.

Daniel Brohoroff, a recently recruited candidate, decided to join the club for its community service aspect.

“I was apart of service clubs in high school and I just wanted to join this one,” Brohoroff said.

The club will host another taco fundraiser in two to four weeks at LAC in the E quad.