Vikings triumph over Beavers in conference win

Story and photos by Skyler Smith

Freshman Abigail Hargrove spikes the ball during the match against LA Trade Tech.

LBCC freshman Brooklin Mize scored 15 points as the Vikings convincingly defeated the LA Trade Tech Beavers 3-0 in match play, with scores of 25-0, 25-6 and 25-3 at home on Wednesday night.

LA Trade Tech’s tardiness caused them to forfeit the first set (25-0). The Vikings practiced as they patiently waited for their opponents arrival.

Tickets for the match weren’t even sold because of the uncertainty of the game taking place, but when the Beavers showed up, the match began..

As the second game started the dominance shown through as the Vikings were up 10-0 before the Beavers could score.  

The Vikings had clear control as they led the entire rest of the match against their conference opponent.

The win now improves the Vikings record to 17-3 and 4-1 in conference play.

“We’re able to play players in different positions” head coach Misty May Treanor said discussing the decision to rotate players in different positions  throughout the game. “We want to make sure we stay mentally focused.”

Freshman Brooklin Mize spoke confidently of how this helps for future opponents. She said “it allows us to open our wings and spread out as a team to see what we can actually do. It helps us in the long run when we play teams that are ranked higher than us.”

Almost every game ended with the Vikings swiftly winning with little resistance from their opponents.

Outside hitter Shelby Cole spoke of the respect they have for their opponents. “We are obviously a respectful team, and we never go out of our way to make anybody looks less.”

LBCC Shelby Cole Spikes the ball against L.A. Trade Tech Beavers .

With the conference title on the line the players are looking forward for their rematch against El Camino on Nov. 13.

Preslee Richelieu, a freshman defensive specialist said “They’re gonna be in our home gym, and we already played them, we know what to be ready for.”  

The Vikings next game is Nov. 2, at L.A. Harbor.