Gov. Newsom visits LBCC to address affordable housing crisis

Story by Cassandra Reichelt Photo by Andrea Ramos

Governor Newsom gives speech for affordable housing at LBCC Feb. 19, 2019.

Long Beach City College hosts a private meeting for Gov. Gavin Newsom and Mayors of Calif. on Feb. 19 who are not in compliance with affordable housing laws.

Newsom wants to make affordable housing for the state of Calif. to be accessible to residents.

It was a private event at LAC that no one was aware of and no one was allowed inside.

The press conference was held outside the T building at LAC  in front of the private meeting room T1200 as the press waited for Newsom to come out and discuss what was accomplished at  this meeting.

Mayor of Montebello, Jack Hadjinian is out of compliance with the affordable housing laws, “This is an issue that goes back many years. … When I got elected I wanted to address this issue,” Hadjinian said.

Newsom wanted to discuss with the Mayor’s what could be done to make the affordable housing work for the cities who were not in compliance with the affordable housing laws.

Mayor of Seaside, Ian Oglesby also does not agree when it comes to the affordable housing laws, “We feel we were heard, we made a lot of progress. The Governor talked about some of his programs. … Now I think he is going to go back and re emphasis some of these things within the budget,” Oglesby said.

Newsom is currently suing Huntington Beach and in response to that Newsom doesn’t want to sue 47 other cities for not being in compliance with the law.

Newsom wants to understand why the other cities who are not in compliance with the law to help him understand and work on from there, “I wanted to get a better understanding of why they are not in compliance with our quote on quote housing goals,” Newsom said.

40 some people watched and witness Newsom and the Mayor’s who were in attendance at this private meeting.

Everyone in attendance was respectful and courteous to Newsom and the Mayors that made it easy for people to listen.

This is just the beginning of what could be big changes for many cities in California including Long Beach.