Students will be able to study abroad in Paris

Story by Arlene Guerrero, Ryan Cholico, Andrea Ramos, Aspyn Sewell Photo by Arlene Guerrero

Program director Tom Blair giving a presentation on housing to students interested in the study abroad that will take place over the month of July 2019.

European Studies Association Program director Tom Blair and Long Beach City College professor Charlotte Jackson, speakers for the study abroad program, have an informational meeting at the LAC on Feb. 12 from 1- 2 p.m. in room P-113 for the study abroad that will take place in Paris.

Study abroad in Paris will run throughout the entire month of July 2019.

The meeting is in regards to pricing, classes available during the program, activities planned, and what the environment will be like.

Meetings are open to all students even those who are not enrolled in a French course.

Student Isacc Resendiz, who is interested in studying abroad attended the meeting to get more information.

“Experiencing culture and traveling and visiting the tourist attractions is what I look forward too” said Resendiz.

“Interacting with a different culture is beautiful and Paris is the perfect place.”

The program includes courses that correspond with LBCC, ranging from semester 3-5 units.

Depending on how many credits chosen, students have the opportunity to study French at the Institut Catholique de Paris.

Adriana Esparza, a nursing major at LBCC, said, “ I’ve been interested in study abroad programs since I transferred from Cerritos Community College, I’m very excited that it will be in paris this year, I’ve always wanted to visit versailles.”

Tom Blair got students very excited when he said, “Dorm 1, in Rue De Conde, was located in the exact neighborhood that ‘Midnight in Paris’ was filmed.” and that “Just like in real estate, this dorm is certainly all about location, location, location, with it being steps away from the Royal family.”

French student Chris Serrata, said, “I look forward to drinking and leisure time, but also visiting the catholic Saint Lawrence, who saved France in the 100 years war then was burned alive.”

During the meeting Director Tom Blair provided slides with pictures of the rooms students will be staying in, activities that are planned, as well as the neighborhood that is surrounding the rooms and where the classes will be held at Institut Catholique de Paris.

Activities range from day outings, local gardens, and museum visits including the Louvre.

Students will also have free time to roam and adventure through paris, including one free weekend if they wished to travel to neighboring countries.

Future dates for the same informational meeting are March 11, 3- 4 p.m. and April 16, 7- 8 p.m.

The deadline for applications and payments must be made by May 25, 2019