LBCC bakery and bistro open again for the public

By Johana Trujillo

The bakery has been open since the second week of March and will be open until the end of Spring semester. Photo by Johana Trujillo.

The Culinary Arts department at Long Beach City College has a bakery and bistro that is now open to the public with a selection of pastries and three course meals to choose from.  

The bakery and bistro is being run by students who are in the Culinary Arts department, to help prepare them for a variety of culinary jobs upon graduation.  

It is divided into two sections, the bakery, which offers a selection of pastries that includes items like croissants, cookies, fresh fruit tarts, lattes and cappuccinos.

The bistro is a restaurant that is open to the public, in which you can pay $15 for a three course meal that focuses on cuisines from different regions that includes a choice of an appetizer or salad, an entree and dessert.

Carla Kohlei a current Culinary Arts student said, “The menu changes every week, we want people to experience different kinds of food, so we do French food one week, Italian, Asian and so on.”

In order to eat at the bistro you must make a reservation online at the LBCC bistro page.

According to Kohlei, the bistro is always booked and recommends a week in advance for reservations.

Both the bakery and bistro give the culinary students an opportunity to get a feel of what they can expect to see in the real world because the students can receive hands-on kitchen, restaurant and bakery management experience.  

“All the chefs are really nice, they are always willing to teach you and give you advice to prepare ourselves for outside in the real world,” said culinary student Daniela Diaz.

According to the Assistant Chef Ty Elijah, in order for students to work at the bakery and bistro, students must be in advanced classes.

“Chef Haley comes up with the menu and then the students are the ones in charge of making the food,” said Elijah.

The bakery and bistro is located in the V-Building at LAC, operating hours are from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and will be open until the end of the semester.