LBCC students rock DiPiazza’s Restaurant and Lounge

By Arlene Guerrero

SouLocust perform DiPiazza's Restaurant. The band members are, from left to right, Elijah Bluesky, Alexander Blanco, Kyle Davis, and Jaden Karamanos. (Arlene Guerrero)

SouLocust had the crowd dancing with their mixture of rock, funk, and blues music on Thursday night as they performed at the DiPiazza Restaurant and Lounge.

The band made their first performance at a local the Long Beach restaurant, and gave the audience a chance to buy their newly released CD.

The band contains four members that attend Long Beach City College, lead singer and guitarist Kyle Davis, rhythm guitarist Elijah Bluesky, drummer Alexander Blanco, and bassist Jaden Karamanos.

SouLocust members have been together since Renaissance high school where they met in the schools jazz band.

But officially as the band SouLocust for only four months.

The band previously performed in the Fall at LBCC for the Pajama Jam event in the student lounge.

“To finally perform at the DiPiazza’s stage is something we’ve all always wanted and this is definitely the start of something,” said Davis.

Bassist Karamanos was unable to attend Thursday night, so Ommar Ney stepped in as their bassist.

“It was a good learning experience and was very happy with the outcome,” said Ney.

“I only had about a month to learn their songs and adapt to their rhythm, although it only been a month these are very talented guys and I’m excited to move forward from here.”

Blanco was ecstatic to see the audience on their feet dancing Thursday night and sing along to their music.

“I honestly have not seen such a energetic crowd like tonight, I felt their energy and gave me confidence,” said Blanco

“My sweat explains how much fun and work I put in.”

Soulocust released their first album ‘Hickory and Swap Ash’ on Feb. 9, having six songs including their most listened song ‘Blanco y Negro.’