No representation for women at LBCC in March

By Marissa Lopez

Graphic by Marissa Lopez.

The entire month of March is Women’s History Month, a month full of women appreciation, empowerment, and recognition, and LBCC has no plans to honor women and their accomplishments although it’s very important that they should.

According to the Student Activities Advisor Jamie Kammerman, LBCC is not coordinating any events or workshops about women’s history on campus for this month.

LBCC will be providing educational posts about the month’s significance and details regarding local events on their social media.

The social media posting did not provide any information on future events around campus and introduced this month as “Womxn History Month.”

The term “Womxn” was introduced by the Wellcome Collection, a museum in London that wanted to create a diverse space.

Womxn is meant to be used as an inclusive term to not only represent cisgendered womxn but trans-womxn, womxn of color, or disabled womxn.

It is so important for women to receive the support, resources, and knowledge regarding the month and it’s history.

This month is meant to allow women to embrace themselves and appreciate the hardships that they face everyday.

Women are constantly being belittled, compared, and underrepresented.

Women are underrepresented in the film industry and women still aren’t paid nearly as much as men for the same type of work.

There is still time for LBCC to honor women in some ways before the month is over by having movie screenings dedicated to films made by women or hosting women empowerment workshops.

The lack of representation is harmful to the minds of women, and by honoring and representing female-identifying students, it can feel a little more appreciated.

Any type of recognition will show students that LBCC is as inclusive and accepting as they say they are.

Women need safe spaces to celebrate themselves, and LBCC is not taking any initiative to show female-identifying students that they are valid, heard, and represented.