Free breakfast is provided to help students with food insecurity

By Shani Crooks

Students were happy to see that there was a variety of food options to choose from. The next Better Breakfast Day is going to be on May 2. (Shani Crooks)

Free breakfast was given to Long Beach City College students on April 2, the Healthy Viking Initiative’s Better Breakfast Day was from 9 to 11 a.m. at the E Quad on the Liberal Arts Campus.

Students were able to pick from an assortment of quiches, bagels, croissants, fruit, and water.

The focus was to choose healthy foods that would nourish the brain for students to get a good head start on their day.

The free breakfast was designed to help out LBCC students with food insecurities.

“I think a lot of college students suffer from a lack of food,” said LBCC student Kyshia Hearns.

“It made me happy to know that free food is there, all of my friends came to get some breakfast.”

Long Beach City College students attended Better Breakfast Day on April 2. The Healthy Viking Initiative put on this event to assist students with food insecurities. (Shani Crooks)

Over 100 students were able to enjoy the complimentary breakfast that was provided.

Members of administration also stopped by to see how the event turned out.

Interim Dean of Student Affairs Alisia Kirkwood said, “They are doing a great job.”

There was also a table that provided additional information on food insecurities and mental health workshops.

Flyers will be posted and more details can be found on the Healthy Viking Initiative’s Instagram page @LBCC_HealthyViking.

Business Management major Eric Ross said, “I actually really appreciate this free breakfast, I over sleep and don’t get a chance to eat sometimes, and this is very helpful.”

“Its dope what they are doing.”

The next Better Breakfast Day will be at LAC on May 1 and PCC on May 2.