Spring Break Preview: What some students are doing with their time off

By Brandon Silva

(Brandon Silva)

With spring break having come to LBCC, students around campus shared what their plans are while having a week off from classes.

Many students at LAC intend on making good use of their time off during the break and aim to enjoy what culture Los Angeles has to offer.

One student, Danielle Mageno, says that she plans to travel into downtown L.A and go sightseeing with some friends.

“My friends and I just like hanging out and seeing what’s down there,” Mageno said.

With spring break lasting only for a week, Mageno also thinks that it is not long enough.

“It would be better if it was a week and a half or two weeks long,” Mageno said.

Many students as well will be making treks to certain festivals and cultural events such as “Smorgasburg LA” and “LA Beer Fest 2019” going on during the week of spring break.

Kevin Rojas, a history major, also had an opinion about the length of the break.

“A two-week spring break would just be better,” Rojas said.

Rojas plans to attend a “Tim and Paula” event which is a religious gathering in the Los Angeles area over the break.

“Aside from the event I just want to enjoy all of the culture that L.A has inside it” Rojas said.

Other people plan on traveling to see friends and relatives that they may not get to see very often.

One student Gonzalo Ortega plans on taking the two and a half hour drive from Long Beach to Camp Pendleton military base in San Diego.

The engineering and science major says that he will be attending a Marine Corps graduation ceremony for a friend of his and says that it will take up most of the time he has off of school.

He does mention though, that when he returns he intends on hitting the beach and relaxing to wind down and catch some sun before getting back to the grind of classes.