Viking Preview Day shows incoming high school students what to expect at LBCC

By Fernando Pacheco

Visiting high school students enjoying a prearranged lunch on the lawn in front of the A building. (Fernando Pacheco)

LBCC welcomed high school students to Viking Preview Day, a day in which was dedicated to present LBCC to students through club stands, resource/informational booths, live stage performances, and a live DJ at LAC on April 3 and 4.

The event was held on both days since each day was divided to focus on schools for different districts.

The two days included live dance performances of different genres coordinated by LBCC students themselves, as well as social clubs and sport team booths trying to recruit potential new members, teammates or simply informing people.

The first day was assigned for Long Beach Unified School District schools and as for the following day it was set aside for schools of the surrounded areas including both charter and public educational institutes.

Apart from the main social gathering there were also campus tours being given out to the visiting students.

An activity that Ariana Cornejo, a visiting high school student said, was helpful when talking about her experience of the tour.

“I feel like everyone here is pretty helpful,” Cornejo said.

The performance put on by a live DJ team from Power 106 included a few hours of interactive games and playing music which the crowd greeted with engagement.

Bianca Ramirez, a member of Power 106, talked about the radio station being at the local event.

People waiting as the last dance performance of the “Viking Preview day” came to an end. (Fernando Pacheco)

“Giving back to the community we are a representation of it. We’re personal,” Ramirez said.

Guadalupe Pasillas, LBCC Interim Supervisor, dedicated her time to putting this event together for the high school students, mainly to show them what LBCC has to offer on LAC, such as its academics and resources.

Pasillas disclosed the students partaking in a survey of the day revealing, “The survey showed students were receptive and benefited from the program.”

LBCC’s “Viking Preview Day” concentrated on showing visiting students available majors, different academic programs, and information on completing transfer program.