Honor students attend banquet to recognize their accomplishments

By Abel Reyes

Jeff Wheeler the honors program coordinator, presented students with their honor chords at a banquet, praising students for their hard work. (Cassandra Reichelt)

LBCC honor students took a well deserved break at the Honors Program banquet on Tuesday to receive praise for their hard work and to be presented with their honor cords for the upcoming graduation.

The honors program, coordinated by professor Jeff Wheeler, has had about 100 students, most of which are now preparing for graduation or transfer this semester.

Despite the increase of students advancing there is no average major in the honors program but an array of majors that Wheeler sees.

The most popular places of transfer for Long Beach City College’s honor students is Cal State Long Beach, followed by UCLA, with UC Berkeley capping out the top three.

One of Wheeler’s many goals as the honor program coordinator is to get as many high quality students on campus to join.

He emphasizes that having just one or two honor courses can reflect well on a transferring students transcript.

“If you’re really focusing on your education, I do try to encourage as many students as I can to join because it will give them a plethora of opportunities,” Wheeler said.

Students taking honor courses attend their classes with as few as 13 students.

Honor students finally got to enjoy a break, as the honors prgram
put together a banquet, to praise student. (Cassandra Reichelt)

Smaller classes yield higher student engagement with classmates and professors, while creating a sense of community within the program.

Honor courses also require a more intensive study session than the average general education class.

The academic program helps balance student workload with field trips and guest speakers to enhance their knowledge.

Lee Douglas, dean of language arts and communications, has always supported and recommended his students to the honors program.

“My students always raved about the program and how well it prepared them for universities. I just wish I joined when I was student,” Douglas said.

Alpha Gamma Sigma and Phi Theta Kappa were two honor societies represented at that banquet.

Student trustee Donnell Jones was honored at the banquet as a member of Alpha Gamma Sigma.

Jones is also in the Umoja scholars program and the student leadership program.

“I didn’t expect to be honored when I first enrolled. A year before I enrolled I was driving the Viking Voyager,” Jones said.

Students interested in joining the honors program can see the requirements online at https://www.lbcc.edu/honors-program