LBCC is teaching students money management

By Johana Trujillo

Graphic by Johana Trujillo.

Money management, and financial stability, were some of the many things instructional specialist Grecia Iniguez discussed during a financial management workshop held on April 23.  

The three-part workshop took place at LAC, and offered three different areas in which students can gain more knowledge on saving and budgeting, credit cards, credit and loans, and dumping debt.

One of the main goals for these workshops is to increase awareness to those who need to improve their financial literacy skills.  

“My goal with this is to have everyone become more financial literate with it, so basically that just means being able to set goals and better manage their money and have better life skills to improve quality of life,” Iniguez said.

Some of the benefits students and other participants can attain from attending these types of workshops is better money management skills.

People were able to learn how to manage money in a more smart and adequate way, as well as tips on how to save your money and ways to maximize it.

Students like Jesslen Lopez, who attended the program, wasn’t aware that LBCC offered this type of workshop until one of her professors recommended her to go.

“I’m not good at budgeting at all, my savings account is horrible,” said Lopez.

Iniguez also discussed the importance on why you should be investing your money, instead of saving it because it can help you out in the long-run, instead of just now.   

LBCC student, Lee Reese attended the workshop in order to find better ways to manage his money for his future.

“The future is uncertain and I want to have saved for emergencies or anything so I can prepare myself,” Reese said.

According to Reese, the workshop introduced him to new tactics that will help him better manage his money.

“It gave me some stuff that I did not realize before that I’m going to start doing now, like talking to my bank about interests rates and all of that.”  

These financial management workshops have limited seating, so people of interest must sign up ahead of time in order to attend.