Students can check to see if they would receive alerts of future incidents on campus

By Steven Matthews

Photo Illustration by Steven Matthews

Students and faculty received notifications via text messages and email during last week’s lockdown, however, there were students and faculty who did not receive any notifications.

According to Stacey Toda, the notification system used for LBCC is called Regroup Mass Notification System and it allows a user to send out text notifications and emails to large groups of people at the same time.

A report provided by Toda, the Regroup system indicated that 101,643 emails were delivered successfully that day, as well as 46,561 text messages, all of which went to students and staff.

If students or staff didn’t receive notifications that day but would like to in the future, then they need to make sure their information is accurate in the school system.

Students need to log into the Viking Student System and make sure their information is accurate there, and faculty should update their information in the PeopleSoft system.