Monday, March 18, 2019


No representation for women at LBCC in March

The entire month of March is Women’s History Month, a month full of women appreciation, empowerment, and recognition, and LBCC has no plans to honor women and their accomplishments although it’s very important that they should. According to...

Opinions: Voices on The Viking comments section

Correction: A previous version of this story didn't have any photos and has since been updated. Here's what our readers are saying about our stories on our Facebook page. Fistfight on campus

Board Editorial: Homeless sleeping bill a good start

Bill AB-302, a bill that would allow homeless students to sleep in their cars overnight on campus, is still in committee at the state level and even though it has not passed yet, it has already sparked a debate on campus.

Opinion: Reusable menstrual products should be the norm

In school, young girls are taught what a menstrual cycle is, and what menstrual products to use. It took five years of periods for me to learn that tampons and pads contain toxic chemicals that could be life-threatening. Beginning in junior high females should be...

Opinion: Not requiring remedial courses will boost success

No longer requiring the completion of courses below the college level, will directly benefit students because it increases the probability of graduating and transferring in a timely manner. Not having to take remedial courses is a great thing for incoming students because a lot of...

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Hundreds rally against sexual injustice at SlutWalk in DTLA (Photo gallery)

The Amber Rose’s 4th Annual SlutWalk makes it appearance in Downtown Los Angeles at the Pershing Square on Saturday. Amber Rose is known as an...