Tuesday, September 25, 2018
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Boycott called for after In-N-Out donated 30,000 dollars to the California Republican Party

On Wednesday, August 29 the California fast food restaurant caused a controversy when the freelance journalist Gabe Schneider discovered that the In-N-Out corporation donated 25,000 dollars to the California...

Ole the Viking gets a limited-edition Makeover

Ole the Viking; the symbolic Viking mascot, is making a bold new fashion statement by de-robing  his traditional Viking wardrobe and adding a modern cartoon-like twist. Ole, who wears his signature horned-armored...

VIDEO: Tong Wins Races and Crown in Mini Grand Prix 2018

https://youtu.be/CX8YTl9Fk5Y The Order of Tong takes home first and second place and the King of the Mini Grand Prix crown. Video by M. Smith

Video : Undercurrents exhibit displays art by surfers

https://youtu.be/71h2jNh75jE Six artists display their original art in the Undercurrents exhibit at the LAC art gallery. The gallery will be open and free of charge until April 26. Video M.Smith

Malware Terminology 101

System wide shut down continues to frustrate students and staff

It’s been two days that the system-wide internal shutdown is still being fixed. There has been worry and confusion with students and faculties, the frustration just keep adding up. A...

System shutdown causes campus disruption

LBCC’s student and faculty management system is currently down as of the morning of April 10. Due to the systems being shut down, some classes are being canceled and students...

VIDEO: Meet The Cast of Shakespeare’s Macbeth

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aOG_oKfryEE     by M.Smith The performing arts department and ASB sold out tickets within the first week. The actors have been working on the project for six weeks.

VIDEO: Long Beach Millikan students Walkout against gun violence

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ljWp28Dj7bE&t=27s Long Beach Millikan High School students walkout on their athletic field in protest of recent gun violence for National School Walkout Day. Students observed 17 minutes of silence to...

The Wheels on the bus just aren’t enough

Skateboarders  are rolling around all  over campus and I’m all for it,but the school is not. According to the Standards of Student Conduct, skateboarding is prohibited on campus, but...

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False fire alarm causes disturbance at PCC

  Story and Photos by Luis Ramirez Fire alarm pranks may not be exclusive to high schools anymore as a fire alarm at PCC went off...