System shutdown causes campus disruption

By M. Smith and Maila Bringas Photo by M. Smith Screen Shot by Maila Bringas

Sign that reads “Our System is Down No Transactions at this Time” is displayed in the Financial aid building.(Photo by M.Smith)

LBCC’s student and faculty management system is currently down as of the morning of April 10.

Due to the systems being shut down, some classes are being canceled and students are questioning why they can’t communicate with their teachers.  

An official alert system SMS was sent out to faculty around 10am today  stating there were system-wide problems with the email system and updates to the system will be sent periodically.

Oracle, resource management, LMS, class schedules, OrgSync, and all login databases for the college are out of service.

Students and teachers are making adjustments to their curriculum due to the system being down.

“My English professor was upset about it, you can tell it bothered her because it back tracked her on grading,” said student Karen Mejia, Political Science Major, who stated her teacher took roll by paper as a result of a downed system.

English assistant-professor Kathryn McMurray said that she had to cancel a meeting that was supposed to be held tomorrow with her committee.

“It halted students from communicating with me.” McMurray said.

The internal system being down means that students and faculty will not be able to access their personal files online from online classes to student grades.

A representative from the Student Technology Help Desk has spoken to us and commented that systems have not been working, including phone lines earlier that day. “We’ve been told it is getting fixed, but we don’t know exactly when.”

A screenshot of LBCC’s as of April 10.