Boycott called for after In-N-Out donated 30,000 dollars to the California Republican Party

Story by Angela Bremer and Photos Victoria Rawe

The famed IN-N-OUT was caught up in a scandal last Wednesday that was led into a boycott, but the boycott was very unsuccessful.

On Wednesday, August 29 the California fast food restaurant caused a controversy when the freelance journalist Gabe Schneider discovered that the In-N-Out corporation donated 25,000 dollars to the California Republican Party. In 2016, the corporation In-N-Out donated 30,000 dollars.

California is known as a Democrat state. Citizens of California who are democrats started to boycott In-N-Out. There is a new location for the In-N-Out franchise. The new location is built on North Lakewood and East Carson nearby Long Beach City College. 

Political science major, Destini Cloy, was questioned will this affect the opening of In-N-Out. Cloy responded, “No. I don’t think it should matter at all. It’s not going to stop people from coming to the store to eat because the people who work there always treat the customers right.”

Kim Hart, a psychology major shared her opinion on the controversy. “This doesn’t affect the way I feel about In-N-Out. It’s their money so they can use it anyway they want to.” Hart said.

The boycott isn’t causing damage to the franchise. The donation is a party scandal is meaningless  Employees of the In-N-Out franchise are a part of the Democratic party. According to the executive Vice President of In-N-Out, Arnie Wensinger, Wensinger donated 50,000 dollars to the California Jobs founded by Democratic operative, David Townsend. The California Chairman for the Democratic Party, Eric Bauman, explained to the Newspaper Fresno Bee he had raised a lot of money in small donations.

The fashion and marketing major was asked if In-N-Out should be reviewed on their spending expenses. Blodgett “No, I don’t think it should matter. This does not change the way I feel about In-N-Out. There should be no judgement in them spending their money. It’s their money.” Blodgett answered.

Due to In-N-Out’s policy no employees were allowed to go on record or allowed to answer any questions. The President of In-N-Out, Lynsi Syner, spoke in 2015 interview with reporter Ben Tracy. Syner mentioned that she wants to keep In-N-Out as a happy family friendly restaurant.