System-Wide Tech Issue continues to disrupt and worry campus activity

By Maila Bringas and Karen Ramirez.

A sign about the air conditioning system being down in the PCC Multi Disciplinary Success Center. Photo by Maila Bringas.
A sign about the air conditioning system being down in the PCC Multi Disciplinary Success Center. Photo by Maila Bringas.

Concern continues to loom over student and faculty about of LBCC’s system wide technical issue.

On April 12, another text notification was sent on 9:55am about the progress made, though major systems are still not functioning including faculty and staff emails.

Internal system are also affecting the PCC air conditioning system and have been down recently, causing uncomfortable room environments.

The updates made on the campus’ main online website had informed that repairs are undergoing and the Instructional and IT Services are still working on finances issues, online schedules and payrolls.

LAC Math Success Center Lab Coordinator Sundee Dominguez expressed concerns and frustration on how to communicate with students over the past three days.

“We have around 50-plus students here and direct communication is difficult. So far, Canvas is the only way to communicate with students. I’ve had two text updates a day and also the updates online.” Said Dominguez. “I am confident that they (IITS) will be able to work to solve the problem soon.”

As of now, some teachers are able to communicate with students through Canvas and their physical-meeting of class hours.

Some data may or may not have been wiped from student’s Learning Management Systems as an announcement on the log in page stated students need to reload or re submit work turned in from April 4-10.

Teachers have also expressed difficulty in grading student work as it is unknown how they could make it work and some computers have been encrypted.

Life Sciences Department Head Heather Dy had also expressed the same concerns over the systems being down and that accessibility to student’s educational sources, scores and grades or updates cannot be done and only announcing them during class.

Another concerns over personal information being stolen have made students and faculty take precautions over the matter.

“Specially now, there’s been rumors going around about ransoms and hackings and there’s been a huge concern.” Said Dy. “I’ve tried not to log in on personal accounts on my (work) computer lately. I also understand some methods are already being taken care of the IT.”

A sign in the LAC Admissions and Records window. Photo by Maila Bringas

Future students who are interested in signing up for late-start classes and summer classes are also worried about the error since they cannot access their Student Viking System.

Administrative Assistant major Christina Roehm, 22, had taken concern over social media about the frustrations of not getting direct answers.

“It is (causing) a lot of trouble because of students and staff cant communicate via email and it is also affecting Admissions and Records.” Said Roehm with the system’s ordeal. “I plan on enrolling for the summer semester at LBCC.”

Roehm also expressed her worry of compromised Financial Aid disbursements but held confidence that the IITS will get the problem fixed.

“If the problem isn’t fixed soon, I will remain patient with the school on the system-wide technical issue. I am so concerned that my personal information may be compromised, I will take legal action.”

Both Financial Aid offices on LAC and PCC have declined to comment about the matter of student’s inaccessibility to their accounts during the system-wide issue.

LAC’s Admissions and Records have also decline to comment at this time.

Viking News have also requested a comment to Public Relations Associate Director Stacey Toda about the small progress and updates. Calls have not yet been answered since the morning of April 12.