“An unfortunate cyber-activity”

Story and Photo By Maila Bringas. Featured photo courtesy of the LBCC Twitter page @LBCityCollege

A meeting was held in the Administrative Offices about the concern of LBCC’s system-wide technical issue on April 12.

Superintendent-President Reagan Romali has clarified that the most accurate information received as of today and the future is coming directly from the IT Services who are constantly working to fix the problem.

IT Services are also working with the police to monitor, give information and fix the problem as soon as possible.

“It is not malware, it is not hacking, it is not ransomware.” Said Romali. “It is an unfortunate cyber activity and incident. The IT Team are constantly working day and night to get things up and running as quickly as possible.”

No evidence of personal data has been breached and there hasn’t been information that was leaked as far as the IT team had informed.

Union Heads, faculty departments have also been receiving updated information of the situation and students are now being updated as well on what they could do if their academic needs are being interrupted.

Faculty emails have also made progressed but are being tested to ensure nothing will have a risk of another incident that could jeopardize it.

New deadlines have been updated in order to give students a chance to properly continue their academic pursuits.

A sign in the LAC Admissions and Records window. Photo by Maila Bringas

Late-start 8-week classes have given a new deadline to add a class on Friday, April 20. Drop class information is still being updated.

President Romali also stated that they are working on having a special support system from the campus success centers to provide and aid students up to speed if it be needed.

Financial loans, refunds and disbursements have not been compromised. Loan applications have now been extended through Wednesday, April 18.

Concern over faculty payroll was also addressed and LBCC Employees who receive mid-month payroll direct deposits will receive them on Monday, April 16.

When asked about the system’s current state and if it was weak, Romali had no doubt that the systems are strong as they are constantly tested, stating that it cant be confirmed as of the moment what kind of incident this is.

“Regular tests are being made on a daily basis to make sure we are prepared.” said Romali. “We learn from this and make the best of situations and figure out other ways to communicate.”

Addressing about the PCC campus air conditioning system, it has been said that the servers shouldn’t have affected on them and are being taken care of.

A sign about the air conditioning system being down in the PCC Multi Disciplinary Success Center. Photo by Maila Bringas.

There has only been one known report of a computer on campus that all of their files have been encrypted, but it is uncertain if faculty or staff could restore data lost.

It was advised that physical or other means of communications with one another should be done to ensure that data being passed from students to teachers are being met.

For more information, an update page has been created and is also now available on https://www.lbcc.edu/itupdate to inform everyone about what is running and what is still being worked on.