Like father like son; head coach takes son under his wing

Story by Sydney Fredericks-Selby Photos by Victoria Rowe

Coach Peabody and his son Drake chatting on the sidelines during practice.

The Vikings football team has a new starting quarterback for this fall season.

The Vikings football team introduces the new starting quarterback for the fall season as Drake Peabody, the son of the head coach Brett Peabody.

The father and son duo will be anticipated on how they interact on the field.

Drake mentions, “He is a good coach. He tells me what to do. He makes corrections if I mess up. It is not as brutal as people think.”

Brett Peabody’s son, Drake has always played quarterback throughout his high school experience. Drake Peabody graduated in 2017 from West Torrance high school.

Drake took the year off from playing junior college football to focus on his studies at Long Beach City before stepping back on the field as a freshman player.

Drake pulled his hamstring while playing football and wanted to have a successful recovery but is very excited to be playing for the first time since high school.

Quarterback #0 Drake Peabody during drills in football practice on Thursday, September 31.

The head coach of the Vikings football, Brett Peabody said, “We sat him out. Which is a really good thing. He got ahead in school academically. He changed his body. He put a lot of time in weight room and taking care of his diet.”

He has been practicing very hard and the way he plays on the field shows a lot of credibility. His teammates are very respectful of him.

The team captain of the defense Vikings football team, Cross Poyer, quotes “I have high expectations on the new freshman’s that are coming up and what they can do.”