The all-men’s social club prepares for recruitment

Story by Skyler Smith Photo by Dylan Keith

Long Beach City College student looking for more information on The Order of Thor club as he ask about their accomplishments.

The Order of Thor club prepares for the upcoming rush week by searching for students to recruit at LAC on Monday, September 17-24.

The social club will be parked south of the A building at the LAC campus underneath a purple tent that reads THOR.

Established in 1927, The Order of Thor is an all-men’s social club established to provide students with the chance to be active and social within the local community.

Students who come to the club interested in joining will be able to participate in the activities that occur.

“The events include taco tuesday handout for students on campus, a bonfire, and billiards at the Lakewood Family Billiards,” said club foreman, Diego Duarte.

 LBCC student Pablo Martinez shares his thoughts about the club. “ I like the camaraderie,” Martinez said. “It’s a great way to meet people and socialize.”

Student clubs offer more benefits than just socializing with people. LBCC student Isai Soliz mentioned the benefits it adds to transferring.

“It looks good on your transfer, some schools want you to build a resume,” Soliz said.

Soliz has been a student at LBCC for about two and a half years and is looking to transfer to CSULB to pursue a major in Hospitality Management by fall 2019.

The club will be recruiting students at the LAC campus for the next two weeks. They will be located south of the A building from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Monday – Thursday and at club day on Thursday, September 13.