Preview: Theater department presents ‘Rumors’

Story and Photo by Brandon Silva

The cast of "Rumors" during dress rehearsal for the upcoming play.

Crime, mystery, and a story that gets more scandalous by the minute, “Rumors” is a fun-for-all comedy production ready to entertain all who step through the doors on opening night.

“Rumors” by Neil Simon first ran at the Old Globe Theater in San Diego, Calif. on Sept. 22, 1988. It was Simon’s first farce play and will be a first for many of those participating in the adaptation of the play presented by the LBCC theater company.

Actress Cassey Howard who double majors in theater and psychology, and who also plays the role of “Chris Gorman” says she can’t wait to “wow” the audiences with her performance, which she says kicked her back into the spotlight after almost a semester off of performing.

She also tells folks to “watch out” because her character is a show stopper and one feisty woman.  

Another actor who is eager to impress the audience with a talent for theater is Emmanuel Aguilar, who says his love of farce style plays fuels his excitement even more for “Rumors.”

Aguilar is also adding his love and respect for both creator Neil Simon and director Jeff Paul into his performance.

He mentions that “he’s heard good things about Jeff” and that he’s an awesome guy to work with which makes him all the more excited to work on this play.

Diving into more questions about the company itself, Paul revealed that the theme for this season is going to be “Crime and Punishment” at which point he wholeheartedly decided that “Rumors” had to be on the roster.

Paul’s short verbal synopsis of the play, without revealing too much, is that the characters are all trying to cover up what they “think” is a crime. That way the police do not find out, but no one really knows what the whole story is.

When asked about the behind the scenes magic it takes to pull off a play like this, Paul says much of the work goes into “making it look like not much work at all” which makes for much more believable acting.

Many of the actors agree it is like “performing gymnastics” on stage as Paul states, but that it is a labor of love and what fuels their passions for the performing arts.

Cassey humorously added “if you aren’t sweating by the end, you didn’t do your job,” which displays what the mindset of many of these actors and actresses who go above and beyond to entertain college level patrons.

They end off rehearsal by saying they are confident in an amazing turn out for opening night, and for the whole week they are performing.

“Rumors” is playing Oct.11-21 in Building H at the LBCC studio theater.