Fashion merchandising students side with banning fur products

Story and Photos by Andrea Estrada

Haley Dellis a fashion design major in fashion sketching class walking to turn in her fashion designs. "I mean, I feel like everyone has the right to use the material that is required for their designs and I know that properties to faux fur in comparison to like real can change the person's idea in design," Dellis said.

Since Los Angeles is taking steps to ban fur, LBCC students think Long Beach should do it as well.

Los Angeles would be the first major city to ban businesses from selling fur products but it is not the first city in California to do so.

Cities like San Francisco, West Hollywood, and Berkeley already have made an effort to stop businesses from selling fur products.

Stephanie Estrada, a fashion design major and also part of the fashion network club said, “It’s great that they are doing that. More people will notice. I think Long Beach City should to do it as well.”

Los Angeles is planning to ban businesses from selling fur products like clothes or hats or trendy keychains for your purses unless they were selling used goods.

Carissa DaCosta, a LBCC student who is planning on changing her major to fashion design said, “I feel like even getting those materials to make the outfits are not worth it like the profits may be very expensive because they are high in demand, it’s so easy to duplicate especially with this wave of like consciousness with college students or whatever and becoming vegan and vegetarian and becoming more aware. I feel like it’ll be harder to sell those and not worth the profit.”

Los Angeles is one of the major fashion capitals of the world and students believe that if they officially ban fur products then that might encourage small cities like Long Beach to do the same.

“I feel like it’s definitely good because to skin one animal or five animals for one fur coat is definitely not worth it no matter how much you price it,” DaCosta said.

If Long Beach decided to follow behind Los Angeles footsteps it might make a difference to students here studying in the fashion department at LBCC

If students wanted to make a business here in Long Beach or in Los Angeles, using fur or any animal products would be prohibited for clothing.

Rebecca Haerrington, a fashion major and a member of the fashion network club said, “ I have always been for industries banning cruelty. I’m all for it but I think it is not possible for this industry, especially in L.A. because it’s the No.1 fashion industry.”

Some students support it but they also think it is not possible because fur and animal products have been a big part of the fashion industry for such a long time.

“It depends how specific you want to get. Specifically leather and suede is the leftover of what we are already eating. It’s not really cruelty because it is already dead. It was not killed for suede and leather, it was killed for food.” Estrada said.

Leather and suede are known to be long lasting and also a big part of fashion nowadays but they do count as animal products.

Some high-end fashion designers already have made a stand of not using fur in their products any more like Versace, Gucci, Tom Ford, Givenchy, Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, Giorgio Armani, and Ralph Lauren.