Preview: LBCC music will host a Ring in the Holidays event

Story and Photo by Michael Nueva

Music students rehearse for the musical event Ring in the Holidays on Monday afternoon.

Long Beach City College performing arts department will host an event called “Ring in the Holidays!” tomorrow at 7 p.m. at the Long Beach VA, Egg auditorium where Wind Ensemble and Evening Wind Symphony will perform.

The musical event, whose purpose is bring the spirit of the holidays to LBCC,

will offer free parking and admission to everyone who wants to attend.

Brian Hamilton and Gary Thomas Scott will be the bands’ directors to lead and guide both the Wind Ensemble and Evening Wind Symphony during these bands’ performances.  

“This is our annual holiday concert for the bands that we have here so we have two bands at the college which consists of music majors and non-music majors, but traditional students and then we have our Evening Wind Symphony,” Hamilton said.

The holiday event has been around for at least 30 years and happens annually.

Attendees will get to feel the spirit of Christmas season through the musical performance featuring both bands in the music department, as they plan to play traditional Christmas songs.

“There will be traditional Christmas songs and general public will recognize it,” Hamilton said.

Both bands will play a total of 12-14 songs during the holiday event.

Wind Ensemble will have about 55 students in it and the Evening Wind Symphony will have around 45 students participating.

Concert attendees will not only get to show their support to LBCC students, but they will also have fun simultaneously during the students’ performances through music.

“I think they’ll enjoy it a lot because we have like a Christmas song that we’re doing and like familiar songs that people are gonna recognize,” said 20-year-old music major Alyssa Langford.

The holiday concert will include the suite of old American dances in addition to Holiday songs.

“We’re playing the suite of old American dances and that’s like an American classic as far as you know like contemporary or classical music goes. It’s an American classic. There’s so much going on that you’ll enjoy,” 22-year-old music student Kyra Harris said.

Due to a construction happening on campus, the event is held in the VA Long Beach Healthcare system building instead of the auditorium so it’s not only students from LBCC who get to watch the bands play but employees as well.

Attendees are advised to bring their umbrella and wear a jacket due to a strong possibility that it might rain during the Wednesday evening.