Free food given to students on Better Breakfast Day

By Hannah Buckley

LBCC students receiving a free meal provided by Better Breakfast Day on Mar. 5. Photo by Hannah Buckley.

Fresh fruit, quiches, croissants, and waters had LBCC students lined up for the first Better Breakfast Day of the spring 2019 semester put on by the Healthy Viking Initiative, on Mar. 5.

Director of Student Health Services & Student Life Deborah Miller-Calvert  was serving students in front of the Student Union.

Better Breakfast Day was created in hopes of providing an important meal to students, one that benefits both academics and mental health.

“We know students who experience food insecurities may feel anxious and stressed, and often fall behind in schoolwork, receive lower results on their exams, or may not complete their academic goals. Our primary goals are to increase student success, retention and completion,” said Miller-Calvert.

According to Miller-Calvert, there has been one Better Breakfast Day a month since the start of the Fall 2018 semester.

LBCC student Nisa Ashley stopped by Better Breakfast Day after noticing it was providing free food.

“I think it is beneficial, especially if they can’t afford stuff as much,” Ashley said.

Alberto Hinojos was walking in between classes at LAC and saw the event.

“They just showed me workshops on mental health that you can take. I think that it’s pretty cool,” Hinojos said.

On Mar. 5th there were approximately 150 students served at LAC.

If LBCC students missed the first event of the semester, there are more Better Breakfast Day’s in the future at both LAC and PCC.

The next dates for LAC is April 2 and for PCC it is April 3 from 9 to 11 a.m.