Relax and Play at the PCC Student Union!

By Karina Hansen

Karina Hansen
Photo by Karina Hansen

The Student Union at PCC is one of the many incredible places for students on campus. With a game room, charging stations, computers, and printers the Student Union is a place for students to unwind and take a break during their busy schedules.

“Students come in here to play games and chill out between classes, before classes, and after classes” Student Life Administrative Assistant, Roberta Maroney, said.

Another feature located inside the Student Union is the info desk.

Roberta said, “This is staffed by Federal Work Study students and they have been here a few semesters so they know everything there is to know about all the programs.”

The front desk is also the place to take Student ID pictures.

Also part of the Student Union in the Resource Center.

“Students can come here for help with housing, food, and mental health resources,” Roberta said.

Deborah Miller-Calvert is the director who has an office in the student union. She oversees Student Health and Student Life events.

The Resource Center has interns working on their hours from Cal State Fullerton and Cal State Long Beach working on their hours.

This provides an opportunity for students who have transferred out of LBCC to come back and work on their degrees from Cal States.

Roberta said, “Sometimes they help council students if they are at that level [in their education].”

Student Services offers six free mental health appointments throughout the semester. Students are encouraged to go to the Resource Center on either campus.

But, the Student Union is mostly Student Life based.

“You can join a club here,” Roberta said, “if you want to join a club come here and we can point you in the right direction.”

The Student Government Leadership Lab is also located in the Student Union.

Roberta said, “If any student on campus wants to talk about concerns on campus or anything, they should be able to come in here and talk to a student leader.”

The Student Union is also a place to learn about Viking Volunteers, which is online now and an exclusive program for LBCC students.

“Students do 30 hours of volunteer work a semester and it goes on your transcript.” Roberta said. It’s also a good way to meet new people and make friends.

Although a lot of students work in the Student Union building, many come to relax and de-stress.

The Game Room is “a fun, relaxing place where everyone is welcome” Roberta said.

The room has multiple TVs with video games, a foosball table, a ping pong table, and plenty of seating and tables for students to hang out comfortably.

The game room has multiple bulletin boards where students can see upcoming school events, job offers, and more.

Outside the Student Union is another Info Desk, manned by Federal Works Study students as well.

“If they have a question, I’m here” said Alessandro Delacruz, who is a student taking advantage of the FWS program.

This provides students in need of jobs 16 work hours per week starting at California minimum wage.

The Student Union is located in the EE building on the PCC and at building E on the LAC.