Student Affairs Center

    By Cara Pedersen

    Cara Pedersen
    Cara Pedersen

    The Student Resource Center at the PCC campus is your number one stop if you’re looking for help academically or even outside of school.

    On campus, the Resource Center has a question counter outside the Student Union to help students find classrooms and answer questions. Outreach ambassador and current LBCC student, Alessandro Delacruz, 20, said, “I work here about two times a week just directing visitors or students to the Student Union or the Resource Center. I’m just a general stop to help out anyone.”

    Students can also visit the offices located in the Student Union to meet with a peer adviser or intern. Administrative Assistant, Roberta Maroney, mentions, “ the Resource Center are interns from Cal State Fullerton or Cal State Long Beach working on their hours so sometimes we have two at the center and sometimes we have ten, it just depends.” Some Interns, at a certain level of experience, can even help counsel the students as well as help them find resources if needed.

    Roberta Maroney, states, “ It’s nice to have volunteer counselors because we really only have two paid counselors here for 5,000 students.” Each student is given six appointments a semester for mental health counseling, however, the center also provides workshops for those who may be uncomfortable with one-on-one counseling.

    Interns are unpaid, however, their volunteering helps the staff get around to all the students who need it. Some of these resources include helping homeless students find housing/shelter, showers, furniture, and clothes. The Health Center also provides limited shower supplies for students who need it.

    The Resource Center is working towards creating a community board to help those who may be looking for potential roommates. Adviser, Britney Botello, states “ Students were asking about a roommate search that we don’t offer around winter. As of right now we have the board, but we aren’t sure how we are going to do it yet. We don’t know if it’s going to be girl and girl or boy and girl…we have to talk to our supervisor first.” Anyone who is interested in finding roommate can pin their card or contact info onto the board located at the front of the Resource Center offices in the Student Union in building EE.

    Student Life is currently hiring for Federal Work Study Students for the LAC and PCC campus to those who would want to help fellow students find resources in our community and help out the student affairs staff.