Computer and office studies to held their own Major Day

Story by Steven Matthews

The LBCC Computer and Office Studies department is holding their COS Major Day on May 18 from 11:00 a.m. at 2:00 p.m. to inform students about career opportunities in the Computer and Office studies field.

This is the 2nd year that the COS department has held the event and they are hoping to top the total of 350 students that attended last year. The goal of the event is to pair students with COS staff to get information on career opportunities through technology, provide various tech demonstrations, and other entertainment as well. The event will give students that are interested in the wide field of office a chance to refine their career goals in a fun environment, and there will also be administration on hand if the student wishes to declare or change their LBCC major at the event.

Michelle McElroy, 41, an Administrative Assistant major summed it up with, “It was fun, entertaining and educational. It showed me different careers that I could get into that are all based through COS.” McElroy also said that she would definitely recommend the event to students who are interested in a career in COS, and when asked if she was going again this year she responded with an enthusiastic “Yes!”

One of the event organizers, Zoila Rosillo, an Assistant Professor in the COS Department also shared a breakdown of the event. “COS Major Day is an opportunity for LBCC students and the Long Beach community at large to gain insights into what IT fields are.” She continues, “At COS Major Day, attendees can ask the faculty who teach tech courses about what exactly those fields entail.  Attendees will get to see some examples of current technology and ask questions about it.”

The examples of current technology that the Professor mentioned was one of the biggest draws for students last year. The students got to fly drones, try out gaming apps, and even test out their lock-picking skills and see 3-D printing demonstrations. This year, all that is scheduled but the students will also get to meet the COS department robot, take pictures with Ole the Viking, and attend a panel sharing tips on how to dress and act for job interviews in the tech field.

The event will also feature music played by D.J. Ho and there will also be contests and games that will feature prizes.

The event isn’t just for students as all are invited to attend. Professor Rosillo also recommends that planned attendees pre-register through Eventbright under the search term, “COS Major Day 2018” in the Long Beach area, or at the link ( Attendees who do will get a free lunch, as well as access to the COS selfie booth.