LBCC Film Professors look forward to improving the department

Story and Photos by Abel Reyes

Professor Daughdrill teaching his Intro to Film class at the LAC campus.

The film program at LBCC is a transferred-based program that allows students to learn the fundamentals of film production. The college offers courses in film studies and production. The film professors at LBCC explain the progress of the film department and how it has expanded.

Film professor Alison Hoffman, teaches introduction to film and fundamentals of digital film production. Hoffman earned her Ph.D in cinema and media studies from UCLA in 2010, and has wheeled projects for people such as Bette Midler. Professor Hoffman expresses on her love of film, “It’s a huge part of my life and that it’s my passion and it has changed my life. These students haven’t seen good films enough to appreciate them.”

Film professor, Elias Daughdrill, has worked on his own projects such as Jonas a documentary about his brother and has just finished filming his new film Faith. Professor Daughdrill explains that introduction to film is a class meant for both film and non-film majors.   

Professors Hoffman and Daughdrill have the same love in film and educate their students with how much more they can do while majoring in film such as becoming film editors, producers, and screenwriters.

While pursuing a career in film students also learn a variety of skills such as product management, organization, logistics, and patience.

Alyssa House is a mortuary science major at LBCC and is taking a course in film. She explains that she is only taking the course in order to earn units and to be able to transfer.

Professor Daughdrill encourages students to take a film course, “It’s American culture, education is about learning more,” Daughdrill said.

A common ground that both professors have is the future of film at LBCC where they hope to see it expand into more classes, more online classes, dedicated classrooms, hands-on equipment, and more space.

This past spring LBCC held the Foreign Language Film Festival and the upcoming film festival will have students work being shown.